Create profitable and professional video marketing campaigns
Using the Video Supply™ Framework we plan, film and market videos so your dream customers KNOW, LOVE, TRUST and PAY you!
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How would you like to…
  • Be featured on popular news media like Forbes or Entrepreneur
  • ​Fill your sales funnel with your dream customers who are happy to pay for your offers
  • ​Be recognized and hired for your thought leadership and expertise on stages, podcasts, mainstream media and more all around the world
  • Use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to work all hours of the day and night for you to bring in new leads on auto-pilot
  • Increase your influence and legacy for the people you feel called to serve and transform
  • ​Multiply the traffic you own, like your email list, with quality leads
We believe meaningful Stories have the power to change the world - by creating new, positive beliefs for who you feel called to serve. We just so happen to use video marketing to do that - Called Video Supply™
All this to say that you are ready to serve your dream customers in a big way (and make a lot of money in the process) …

And the best way to do that is through story-driven video marketing campaigns.

Video dominates social media and the internet at large - it’s personal, engaging and highly-effective over any other kind of content you could possibly use to be profitable and influential.

But, it’s not as simple as doing another facebook live or instagram story when you feel like it.

Getting great results with video requires a strategy built on creating influential content.

You and I both know the real reason why your dream customers will ever do buy from you is because…

They believe YOU can help them.

You create that belief by actually helping them…

With useful, valuable, and relevant video content.

If you think about it, that’s what guided you here.

You watched a video, saw an ad, or got referred to us…

And then because of we built a strategy and planned for this moment for you to arrive here…
We have videos prepared for each step of your journey (as our ideal customer) to guide you from first contact to paying, happy customer.

The key ingredients to all successful video marketing campaigns is building a connection through know, love, and trust.

Let’s talk about how we can use this strategy to build your business and get you sales at the same time.

We begin with your story.

The first thing we’ll focus on is developing your brand story strategy using our process called Story Supply Effect™

Simply, we’ll help you know what to say so your dream clients will want to buy from you.

It’s not about just creating another video.

It’s about understanding how your customers think, what their dreams, pains, and stories are so we can create new beliefs in their hearts and minds, through video, so they want to buy from you.

It’s about focusing on strategic video content that helps your customers know, love, and trust you as the solution to their pain.

Yes, there’s so much noise out but that’s amazing for you and I. 

It means the more you can have complete clarity and focus on your story to stand-out (like only you can), then the more you can deliver valuable content to your dream customers to remove the noise and become the go-to leader in your market.

“It Worked So Well I Ended Up Featured On Forbes...It Changed My Life...My Business Will Never Be The Same Again."
Julie Stoian
Coach & Marketing Expert, Create Your Laptop Life©
Before we get started with creating any videos, our team will work with you personally to craft your brand story, lock in your offers, and plan your traffic strategy.

Using our brand storytelling framework called Story Supply™ we guide you to craft the perfect message for your customers so they will know, love, and trust you and experiencing success with your offers.

And because we care about helping make as much money as possible, we believe all content needs to have a call to action when your customers are ready to move forward. The right offer for the right audience (with the right story...yours!) will bring in sales.

We’re not just another video team here to make you pretty videos. To really get the attention and results you need to grow your business with organic and paid traffic.

That’s why we publish all your videos and run all your ads for you.

*And if you already have an ads and social media strategist on your team then we lead the charge with them to make sure your custom video marketing campaign is one of the most profitable investments you make in your business!

So beyond, these core strategies.

We plan, film, and market your videos in 3 phases for your customers so YOU can...

Be Known...

Be Loved...

Be Trusted…

By your dream customers so they’ll follow, subscribe, buy and rave about you every single day - because you’ve done the same for them to get them results!
So let’s get started.
This service (called the Video Supply™ Marketing Campaign), starts at $2,000 per month.

It’s only for influencers, coaches, authors or course creators who have an offer they’re actively selling.

All you need to do is give us 16 hours and we can produce your whole campaign for you!
The best way to decide if this service is the best solution for you is to set up a time for us to talk ASAP.

We’ll ask you some questions and discover how best we can serve you to decide if we’re a good fit to move forward.

So go ahead and get started by filling in your info below to schedule a time to talk.
We make it easy.
To apply, just book a call and complete the brief application. Then we'll have a quick chat to see if we can help, and if we're a good fit.
If you move forward, you'll meet with your dedicated strategist and our team of specialists to craft your custom video marketing strategy.
Our team gets to work building your messaging, planning your videos and spending 2 days with you to film over 6 months of marketing content... PLUS, we give you personalized training and coaching for greater results!
After you approve everything – we launch all your content and target your dream customers as we collect data, optimize and scale towards your goals.
Video Supply™ Marketing Works For...
  • Coaches
  • Personal Brands
  • Thought Leaders
  • Course Creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Storytellers
"I Can't Recommend Him Enough...Professional, Innovative And A Pleasure To Work With. The Final Product Was Amazing And It's Obvious As Soon As You Start Working With Dallin How Much Thought, Care And Innovation Goes Into His Work."
Emily Hirsh
CEO, Hirsh Marketing
If You're Ready To...
  •  Create premium content for your mission and movement
  •  Grow your perfect audience (list) of raving fans, ready to buy from you again and again.
  •  Share your calling and story with the world to influence more lives.
  •  Use video marketing to connect with your audience, increase traffic and ROI.
  • ​Become a thought leader and be recognized as a personality and expert off and online.
  •  Use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and funnels to work for you 24/7
If You Think You’re A Good Fit We Invite You To Apply And Book A Call!

Our Team Will Meet With You For Your Strategy Session.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if Video Supply™ Marketing is right for me?
Great question! To answer that, let me ask YOU a few questions! :) 

Do you have (or do you want to create) a personal brand? 
Do you own a successful online business? 
Do you have (or are you wanting to build) an online following?
Do you want to be featured in media like Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Business Insider? 
Do you want to be an “Influencer” for other people’s lives? 
Do you want to be able to have a steady stream of people who discover your content WITHOUT having to pay for ads? 
Do you actually care about serving other people? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Video Supply™ is perfect for you, and can help take your personal brand and business to a new level. 
How much does it cost?
Video Supply™ Marketing Campaign Services start at $2000 per month.
What kind of ROI can I get from having a video?
People I’ve worked with have gotten more clients without having to pay for ads, made more sales, gotten asked to speak, been interviewed, and have even been featured on national media outlets (like Forbes). 

Obviously I can’t guarantee you’ll get a specific result. But I can guarantee that you’ll have to work harder to get the same results when you don’t have an strategic video marketing working on auto-pilot on your behalf.
What if I’m scared of being on camera?
That’s actually a very common fear. I have a process that helps set even the biggest fears at ease. Then while we’re filming, it’ll just feel like we’re just two people having a conversation. Many of the people I work with even say they forgot the camera was even there!